My name is Edisa and I am a 24-year-old International Relations phD student, mainly interested in the norm-change towards ‘Liberal Interventionism’. I was born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but I am now primarily based in London and Germany.ad

I have a Master of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) with main focus on Foreign& Security Policy, International Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention.

The title I chose for this blog is a slightly self-ironic take on a remark by LSE International Ethics Professor Chris Brown, who told me that ‘my world view is quite different from most IR students’ (of which I can be rather proud I think) …

The purpose of this blog is to provide new, challenging and sometimes controversial perspectives on foreign and security policy in relation to the promotion of human rights and the responsibility to protect.

This blog is open for constructive debate, but I must note that this is NOT a platform for cultural relativism, any form of conspiracy theories or Chomskyian-style historic revisionism and genocide-denial.

I would like to end on a quote on cultural relativism regarding human rights:

“If, say, our philosophical judgment that all persons have rights is sound, then it is universally sound. It doesn’t really matter if the historical origin of that judgment is Western or something else. Those who object to liberal principles on the grounds that they are Western commit the genetic fallacy. They confuse the problem of the origin of a political theory with the problem of its justification. The truth (moral or empirical) of a proposition is logically independent of its origin”

(Fernando R. Tesón, “The Liberal Case for Humanitarian Intervention”, Florida State University College of Law Publications, 2001: 12).

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