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Obama’s Trivial Pursuit Game: Chemical Weapons in Syria

Obama’s hesitant Syria policy exposes the US President’s self-doubt to act as a global leader The White House has confirmed in a letter to several US Senators that chemical weapons have been used in Syria and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in Abu Dhabi that the Assad regime has used sarin gas on its own […]

Syria: Should the West be more proactive?

Introduction The crisis in Syria is on-going and so is the debate about the West’s options to help end the bloodshed. Those in favour of a more pro-active policy are regularly confronted with a variety of arguments against intervention. Some of them are perfectly legitimate and rightly point at the potential risks of Western involvement. […]

Obama & the EU: New Nobel Prize for Peace doctrine

A few weeks ago the EU has won the Nobel Prize for Peace, much to the surprise of ordinary people and politicians alike. Though, if one closely observes Oslo’s decision-making in the last years, one shouldn’t have been surprised: Peace is not defined by the protection of innocent lives and human rights any longer – […]

In Defense of Humanitarian Intervention

In this article I am going to defend Fernando R. Tesón’s liberal moral argument that military intervention which prevents or ends grave human rights violations is just. The most common counter-arguments against humanitarian intervention are that: it infringes upon the principle of sovereignty and non-intervention it poses a threat to the stability of international law […]