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The Tragedy of Tony Blair

Kyle Orton captures the strengths and problems with Tony Blair’s speech flawlessly. A sincere analysis that I agree with to such an extent that it could have come from me. A definite must-read. Kyle Orton's Blog By Kyle Orton (@Syrian_Intifada) on April 24, 2014 Tony Blair at Bloomberg on April 23 There’s a case to […]

Book Review: Diana Johnstone’s “Fool’s Crusade”

“Diana Johnstone has written a revisionist and highly contentious account of western policy and the dissolution of Yugoslavia” (Caplan, 2003). In 2002, the far-left-wing American author that is known for her engagement in the anti-Vietnam movement, published a book titled “Fool’s Crusade – Yugoslavia, NATO and Western Delusions”. In the book she presents the following […]