The Tragedy of Tony Blair

Kyle Orton captures the strengths and problems with Tony Blair’s speech flawlessly. A sincere analysis that I agree with to such an extent that it could have come from me. A definite must-read.

Kyle Orton's Blog

By Kyle Orton (@Syrian_Intifada) on April 24, 2014

Tony Blair at Bloomberg on April 23

There’s a case to be made that Tony Blair is the most important figure in the development of the concept of “humanitarian intervention” since the end of the Cold War. When adumbrating his doctrine at the Chicago Economics Club in April 1999, Blair made very clear that this was no wild-eyed utopianism. “If we wanted to right every wrong that we see in the modern world then we would do little else,” Blair said. “We would not be able to cope.” He laid down clear criteria, namely that it was a last resort and that it was also in our interests. He was speaking at that time of the NATO rescue operation that put a halt to Slobodan Milosevic’s attempt to forcibly-deport the Alabamians from Kosovo, and reversed…

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